On the Nose

  • Juniper berries
  • Citrus (Lemon and Sweet Orange peels)
  • Floral (Fleur d'Oranger buds and Mimosa flowers)

On the Palate

  • Soft and refined
  • Floral
  • Fresh

How to Use It

  • On its own
  • In a cocktail


Cap Gin elevates the Martinez and Martini, adds character to the Negroni and French 75, and brings intrigue to the Gimlet and G&T.

On a sunny evening in 2018, three British friends who have made their home on the Côte d’Azur meet by the sea. Adam Payne, James Auld and Andrew Campbell are absorbed by the incomparable gentle way of life that reigns in this magical place, which they say they are lucky enough to call «home». Little do they know, this conversation between premium spirits enthusiasts is about to give birth to a gin that is absolutely unique. A gin that tells the story of the history, culture, heritage, architecture and natural splendour of this little corner of paradise in the South of France.

In order to create something truly special, we wanted to work with someone at the very top of their field. Dr David Clutton is one of the leading authorities on gin distillation and, after having come across his name in an inflight magazine, we tracked him down and started our collaboration. We set David a brief to create a premium quality gin with a flavour that would have been an accurate reflection of the heritage and history of the Côte d’Azur. Moreover, the idea was to create something that would in time become the best gin in France!

Built on a solid foundation of premium quality juniper berries, Cap Gin encapsulates the true essence of the French Riviera’s hills and coastal fringes. With citrus elements derived from lemon and orange peels, the sensational combination of aromatic orange blossoms and mimosa delivers a complex and elegant, yet perfectly balanced gin of superior quality.
The soft floral notes combined with the piney freshness of juniper, have created a stunning contemporary distilled gin.
The taste delivers a soft and refined yet tasteful sensation with a lingering palate, essential for a great G&T.