On the Nose

  • Fresh
  • Grass
  • Banana

On the Palate

  • Creamy
  • Ginger
  • White pepper

How to Use It

  • In a cocktail
  • On its own



Le cocktail au rhum classique. Facile à faire, simple mais tellement délicieux. Ninefold Pure Single Rum brille dans un daiquiri. Pour faire le vôtre, versez 60 ml de Ninefold Pure Single Rum, 30 ml de jus de citron vert fraîchement pressé et 22,5 ml de sirop simple dans un shaker avec de la glace. Secouez et filtrez dans un verre coupé refroidi, et savourez !

Inspiration behind the product

Scotland isn’t known for its rums - until now. Ninefold Distillery is the first - and so far only - rum distillery in southern Scotland, and expertly combines tradition with innovation to produce this gloriously balanced artisanal white rum. Using a blend of local and imported ingredients, like the Moroccan-sourced sugarcane molasses that make up the rum’s base, the mixture of old and new, near and far is beautifully apparent in its flavour profile.

What makes it unique

Pure Single Rum is distilled in a locally-built 450 litre copper pot still, from a sugarcane molasses base. After being distilled up to 92% ABV, it’s gently reduced down over the next seven days to 40%, using local Scottish water. The procedure takes an entire week, in order to best retain all of the flavour and aroma characteristics of the rum. Once it’s ready, the rum is bottled and labelled on-site, without any aging process.