Mezcal is a complex and nuanced category made from many different types of agave, all of which carry their own unique flavour characteristics. Like wines, which are made from various grapes (and combinations of them), the profile of each mezcal depends on a number of factors.
Delve into the world of English whisky — a fast-growing subcategory that embraces both tradition and experimentation. Come learn what's behind it's rapid growth in terms of value and global recognition.
This St Patrick’s Day, we call upon Barney O’Kane – Senior Bartender at the world-famous Little Red Door cocktail bar – to share with us some of his personal insights into the annual celebration as well as his very own St Patrick’s Day cocktail recipe.
Tato Giovannoni is considered one of the best bartenders on the planet. His bar, Floreria Atlantico, is globally renowned and his line of spirits is exciting and innovative. He’s a legend in his field – but how did he get there?