On the Nose

  • Floral
  • Botanical
  • Light

On the Palate

  • Herbal
  • Tart
  • Semi-dry

How to Use It

  • In a cocktail
  • Aperitif
  • On its own



La seule chose meilleure qu'un verre de rosé un soir d'été est un Spritz - et un Baldoria Rosé Spritz est évidemment la meilleure sélection de toutes. Versez 50 ml de Baldoria Rosé dans un verre à spritz sur de la glace et garnissez de prosecco - ou si vous voulez tout faire, garnissez de champagne rosé. Garnissez d'une tranche juteuse de pamplemousse rose et sirotez-le en vous imaginant assis au bord d'un champ de lavande provençale au plus profond de l'été.

Inspiration behind the product

Baldoria vermouths are produced in a collaborative effort between bartenders and distillers, who work together to perfect the recipes. After the ingredients have been selected and weighed, they’re macerated in a hydro-alcoholic bath for ten days, to extract the flavours and colours. This is followed by a maceration in rosé wine, before the sugar dilution is added and the two macerations are assembled. It’s aged for five months in non-reactive steel tanks before filtering and bottling.

What makes it unique

Baldoria’s Rosé vermouth is inspired by the rosé wines which are much adored in Provence, but boasts an entirely different style. Lightly pink in colour, its flavour profile is built up from a fresh, light acidity given to it by grapefruit peel, notes of orange zest, a tiny hit of ginger, and a gorgeous array of herbal aromas, all sitting on top of a deeper, darker base of fennel and wormwood notes.