La vengeance de Bertha

Tout n'est pas du beurre qui vient de la vache !

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Ballyvolane's Gin Distillers

Having scratched heads, studied tea-leaves and consulted with wives for almost a year, Justin Green and Antony Jackson formally established the Ballyvolane House Spirits Company in May 2015. Born out of a shared passion for food and drink, coupled with many years spent in the world of catering, hospitality, marketing, and wine, it just seemed like a good time to come together and become active players in the wonderful world of small-batch distilling. The result is a privately-owned, passionately-run little business based on the grounds of the stunning rural idyll that is Ballyvolane House near Castlelyons in Co. Cork. There are three main protagonists in the story of the Ballyvolane House Spirits Company; Justin Green, Antony Jackson and a cow named Bertha.

Bertha's Revenge


The whey to go

Bertha's Revenge Gin is very distinctive. We use Whey alcohol as our base spirit, from the local dairy farmers here in Cork, together with our own natural well water. This is coupled with our selection of very warm curry spice botanicals and plenty of fresh citrus puts her firmly on the spicy side of the gin style line up. The result is a hand-crafted gin that highlights the character of Bertha in her prime!